Krissy N.

Krissy did her first haircut when she was 5 years old and never looked back. She is one of the most dedicated and talented stylists in the area. With her passion for education she continues to learn and grow both as a stylist and as an Artistic Specialist for ColorProof Evolved Color Care Krissy’s exceptional service and dedication to you continues to be revitalized on a daily basis.

In her first few years she fiercely fought for the right places, products and people to work with. Trying many product lines over the years she discovered ColorProof. Passionate about the company, their philosophies and their superb products, Krissy spent two years as a ColorProof Envoy member and went on to become an Artistic Specialist. The company and the products are perfectly aligned with her passion for excellence.

As a Schwarzkopf master colorist, and many many years of education, you will have the best coverage as well as the look you are wanting. From elegant to modern, upstyle to funky, you will be more than satisfied as she creates the perfect look for every day or any occasion. As Krissy works toward bringing you the best, you will gain knowledge, support and a fabulous look customized just for you.